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Welcome to Bare Beauty Company, the Lycon hot wax distributor in Dubai! We take great pride in providing you with the highest-quality waxing supplies and products for your spa or salon.


For Face, Neck, Knees, Underarms & Intimate Areas

TIP: LYCON ‘XXX’ waxes are best for Brazilian Waxing!

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For Short, Stubborn & Difficult to Remove Hair

TIP: Perfect for clients who have recently shaved!

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For Legs, Arms, Chest, Back & Buttocks

TIP: Perfect for clients who have recently shaved!

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For Brazilians, face, neck, knees & underarms

TIP: Pinkini Brazilian Care is a luxury collection fortified with an array of extra caring, calming and corrective scientific ingredients, for the most comfortable intimate waxing!

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For Manzilian, face, neck, knees & underarms

TIP: The MANifico wax trio has its own pre and post-waxing lotions which have a fresh yet masculine scent, with the understated sexiness of sandalwood!

MANifico products lineup image / Lycon Wax Dubai

Why choose Lycon Wax?

The superior quality of Lycon Hot Wax is well known. It provides excellent performance and reliable and consistent results because it is made with the finest natural resins and essential oils.

Customers absolutely love Lycon Hot Wax for its gentle and relaxing waxing procedure. Its low-temperature formula lowers the possibility of burns or skin irritation, giving your clients a more pleasant waxing experience. Customers are more likely to stay loyal if they are pleased!

Lycon Hot Wax was created with efficiency in mind, enabling you to provide quick and efficient waxing services. It is economical for your company because of its high-performance formula, which guarantees complete hair removal with little wax usage.

For waxing results that are smooth, flawless, and long-lasting with less pain, choose Lycon Hot Wax from Bare Beauty Company. To take your waxing services to the next level, contact us right away!

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