Elevate Your Beauty: Discover LYCOCIL’s Long-Lasting Tints in Five Popular Shades. Achieve Instantly Longer Lashes and Fuller Brows for Weeks. Say Goodbye to Messy Droppers with Crème Peroxide for Refined Tinting. Explore the Complete LYCOCIL Range with Tint Remover, Protective Gel, and Papers. Your Ultimate Beauty Enhancement Awaits!



Introducing the beauty secret you’ve been waiting for – Lycon Lycocil. Our revolutionary line of long-lasting lash and brow tints is designed to transform your look with effortless elegance. Available in five versatile shades to suit every individual, Lycon Lycocil guarantees that your eyelashes will appear beautifully elongated and your eyebrows luxuriously thicker for weeks on end. What is the use of shaping your eyebrows if no one can see it?

Lycocil completes the look and makes your eyebrows appear thicker. No more messy peroxide droppers – our Crème Peroxide simplifies the tinting process, ensuring a refined and precise application. But that’s not all – the Lycon Lycocil range goes beyond tints, offering a complete solution with tint remover, Protective Gel, and Papers to achieve a flawless finish.

Elevate your beauty regimen with Lycon Lycocil and experience a new level of captivating charm.


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